John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


This installment of this history was not printed in the paper last issue because we felt that some of the statements made in it would have to be verified first. We are all trying our very best to make this week as perfect as it can be made. When there errors (there will be errors because we are, after all, only human) it will not be because we have not tried our best but because it is hard to write a history where so few people are living today to tell us the facts.

Hannah’s parents, Joseph Barrows and Maria Bosswick, with her brother James and sisters, Isabell, Diantha and Alice (and perhaps others of her family) came to Utah in the year 1848 (“Milestones of Willard, page 769). Hannah must have been reunited with them then, perhaps they met in Winter Quarters and she may have some to Salt Lake City with them. At least, she must have been closely associated with them while they all resided in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joseph Barrow and family were called to Millard County and they built one of the first homes in Petersburg, (now known as Hatten).  (“Milestones of Millard”, 341) , in 1864. In 1867 they were one of the first settlers of Kanosh, Millard Co., Utah. (“Milestones of Millard”, 343)

Hannah remained in Salt Lake until Peter Muir Fife came back with the Mormon Battalion. He had worked at Sutton Hill, where gold was first found. soon after, in 1868, they arrvived in Utah and from there he had been called to go back to California and dig gold for the Saints. He was very successful in collecting a good supply of the yellow metal.

Peter Muir Fife and Hannah Barrows were married soon after his return in 1848.

Their first child, a daughter, Maria Fife was born in Salt Lake City, 26 June 1849.

They were again married, or sealed, in Salt Lake City in October of 1849.

No record could be found of Hannah BARROWS being sealed to Peter Muir Fife but by the diligent efforts of David Wm. Rowley and his wife Lillian A. Rowley, to whom I am very grateful, a record was found where Hannah NELSON, bot 19 December 1826 in Halliwell, Lancs. England was sealed to Peter Muir Fife, 7 October 1849. (Sealing Book “A” page 717-Nauvoo Temple Record book). This research was done in the Salt Lake Temple Archives, Brother Dan Hansen, a Temple worker. Hannah being married to Isaac Nelson was married under her married name instead of her maiden name as was done at that time. This perhaps also accounts for the fact that she was sealed to both Peter Muir Fife and to James Rowley while she still lived.

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