John Rowley and Sarah Rowley Family History

Now, quoting directly from Alice Bullock Lunt’s history.

“In later years Grandfather received a letter from his wife in Edinburg, Scotland, telling him about the children, their ages and how tall they were, but she was still bitter against the Chirch. Peter Muir Fife was a very honest man, well liked and respected. When the Authorities of the Church came down they would sometimes stay with him as he always made them feel welcome. Mother, (Maria Fife) told many incidences where he trusted people. To him, their word was their bond. She told of one time some men drove in the yard with their four horses on their double-bedded wagons and wanted to get some seed grain to plant. They were from up north and they said they would pay him back with grain in the fall. They stayed all night and left the next morning. Peter Muir Fife filled their wagons and they drove off. Grandmother (Hannah Barrow) asked him who the men were and he replied, “I didn’t ask their names! They gave me their work and that was their bond to me!” in the fall these dame men came back with the grain as the had promised.”

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