John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

(Now directly from Alice Bullock Lunt’s letter)

“My mother told me many times the life she (Hanna Barrows) had with my grandfather, the work she did on the farm. Grandfather was twenty years older than she, maybe that had something to do with their separation. Grandfather was a hardworking man and all he thought of was work. Grandmother stayed at home with her little family, never having a choice to mingle with those outside of her family. You know yourself that it, that kind of a life would get very monotonous. I can see her side of life and I respect and honor her. I also honor her for bringing five wonderful children (the Fife Children) into this world. That is an honor to any mother. I can just imagine how she would feel when she left her husband and five children. We do not know or will ever know just how much she stood before she would make that decision. I think before we judge her too severely, we should stop and think there will be another higher who will give her credit for being a mother and all the good things she did?”

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