John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Now back to Alice B. Lunt’s letter

“My mother told of the time when her mother was about to leave Grandpa Fife, she got mother, (Maria), Aunt Alice and Elizabeth ready to go to Cedar, unknowing to him. On the way they came to the Indian Camp who were friends. She told them she was leaving Grandpa Fife, so the Indian Chief fixed her a torch which consisted of a rag dipped in tallow and tied to a stick. He lit it, and told her to “Funero” meaning to hurry, as Peter would be after them. It was dusk and they did hurry. They hadn’t gone far, when Peter caught up with them and took them back.”

“I cannot help but think Grandmother was never understood as Grandfather was a hardworking man, and maybe expected too much of her. She had many good traits of character and was always kind to the poor, and was always kind to the poor, and was always willing to help those less fortunate than herself. Her mother Maria Bosswick Barrows, was extremely industrious, making little things go a long way and orderly and clean in her home.

“Hannah finally left Peter Muir Fife, taking her little daughter, Elizabeth with her. She went to live with her parents in Petersburt or Hatton. It was while living here that she met and married James Rowley.”

(We will takeup her life with James Rowley in the main history of James Rowley)

After James Rowley died, Hannah did a lot of visiting with her descendants and it is from some of the grandchildren that remember these visits that we get a picture of this dear little old lady.

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