John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Eva Hill tells us the following:

“My father remembers his grandmother and tells how when she used to visit them that she talked so broken that they always mimicked her. His mother, Rilen Nelson, died when she was only 41 years old, so none of us know her. My Dad was only ten at the time. He has no idea whatever happened to Isaac Nelson, his own grandfather. He was too young to pay attention to those kind of things. Johnny Barrow, a brother to Hannah, settles up around Rigby and she often visited there.”

Alice Bullock Lunt writes, “I remember her very distinctfully, when she came and visited with our family. She would come and stay with us for a week at a time and she was so very kind to us children. I do not know of anything that is not complementary of my grandmother.

“Emily Crain Watson, who was born in Fillmore and knew her very well when she lived there has told me many times about my grandmother, what a good neighbor she was, so industrious, so clean, you could eat your dinner off her floor. She spoke of being in her home many times and of how welcome Grandmother always made you feel. She told how kind she was to the poor and how no one ever left her home hungry. I can remember going to her home in Fillmore, myself and how welcome she always made us all feel.”

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