John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Luke and Marjorie Day

Visiting friends and relatives in Springville and Provo the past few weeks have been William and Verda Hotchkiss. Included on the list to visit were Broze and Beth Hutchinson and family; Willys and Reva Johnson and family; also brothers Luke and Rollan Day entertained the couple, who are former residents of Provo, now settled in St. George, Utah.

Willys and Reva Johnson went to the Temple and were married for time and eternity and had their three small children sealed to them on 28 April 1959.

A/lc Leon Johnson, stationed at Biggs Air Force Base in El Paso, Texas as recently was sent to Walker Air Force Base in New Mexico for jet training on a B52 aircraft. He was made airman of the month. If his plans turn out right, he hopes to be able to be in Utah for the family reunion.

Bradley Clark Day is the name given to the baby born April 23, 1959 to Clark and Darlene Huff Day.

Basil and Eldra Moulton are in Denver enjoying a visit with Eldra’s brother, Arthur Nicholas and wife May Day.

Arlo LaVere and Eiko Moulton have returned from a trip to Palo Alto, California and a visit with sister Ferl and family.

It is with regret that we report the illness of Dean Moulton, son of Basil and Eldra Moulton. He is at present receiving treatment at the Utah Valley Hospital for a serious heart ailment. At last reports he was in fair condition.

Angus Stewart, husband of Fern Day Stewart has not been well, but is feeling much better. He was knocked down and kicked against a fence by a cow, and is is taking time for him to recover.

The month of May was vacation time for Rollan T. and Gertrude Day. They drove to California to visit relatives and report a very enjoyable trip.

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