John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Bert W. Murphy, husband of our ancestral research representative Verda R. Murphy from Chinook, Montana is paying a visit in Provo and Salt Lake City. He is attending the Murphy Family Reunion. It’s kind of rare for Bert to be away from the ranch especially this time of the year when his crops need so much of his attention and work to keep them growing.

Douglas A. Rowley underwent surgery on 23 June 1959 for the removal of a broken bone in his face, which had caused the left side of his nose to close up. It was caused by a blow on his nose when he was a baby. It was causing Douglas into become hard of hearing. Reportedly after his operation he could hear much better. Douglas is the son of David Wm. and Lillian Alcorn Rowley.

Dwain E. and Marjorie R. Judkins and children enjoyed a fishing trip during the past month to a little stream about 10 miles beyond Fish Lake. They spent four days camping and having a good time with the children. They also caught 8 small brook trout. Marjorie is the daughter of David Wm. and Lillian Alcorn Rowley.

Mr. & Mrs. David Wm. Rowley are expecting their daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren, Sfc.  Donald E and Grace R. Smith and family home for Christmas. Grace and Don and their three daughters and one son, have been in Germany for nearly three years where Don has been stationed with the U.S. Army. It has been nearly four years since they have been home. They are expected to arrive in New Port News, Virginia in November 1959.

Elder Hugh A. Rowley reports he is enjoying his missionary labors very much. He is mastering the language pretty well now. He has been transferred to Av. Alto Brown, 2414 Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, a suburb of Buenos Aires.

David Wm. Rowley was injured in a fall when a ladder collapsed in a fall when a ladder collapsed with him. He is now back to work and much better. The accident happened on the 11 May 1959.

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