John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

News reported by Clara O’Toole

My sister, Mrs. Winifred Clevenger and her husband, Will, from McPhearson, Kansas, spent three weeks in California in June. They were delegates to a convention in Los Angeles the very last few days of June, so spent the earlier part here in Palo Alto, and at Felton in the Santa Cruz Mountains with Will’s sister. Clevenger’s had their grandson Mark a lad of seven with them.

Miss Janet Rowley of Newport Oregon, daughter of brother Mark, spent a few days in San Francisco and Palo Alto early in June. She is a very good swimmer and conducts classes in swimming in her home town.

My daughter, Selma E. Whilt and her husband, Wesley, who are employed respectively by the Seattle and Tacoma Schools are spending their summer in New York City, at Columbia University.

John’s daughter, Mary O’Toole Goodsell, also is in New York. She is employed by the Stauffer chain of restaurants, as supervising dietician.

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