John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

(This is funniest when it is given by an adult dresses as a little girl or boy)

Hello, mister. Did you come to see my sister? You don’t look like a fest to me, though, I heard my brother John tell my sister that she could catch the poor fish if she used the right bait. Did he mean the chocolate cake Ma baked, Mister? Sister was around in the kitchen when Ma was making it, but you can bet she didn’t do much about making it. She couldn’t make nothing, my sister, except maybe fudge. That’s not awful good, either. Last time she made it Pa said it was a toss up/whether the fudge she made or the candy you brought her was worse.

I liked your candy best, but May says I’ll eat anything sweet. Maybe that’s because I’m the sweet age. Do you think so?

Who says I’m the weet age? Oh, mom says so – to company. I’m eight years old Sis say’s she eighteen, but slocks, she’s said that for five years.

Where is she? Oh she’s up in her room fixing up. She’s got bottles full of stuff she has to put on her face, and there’s her hair to pinon – sure, it’s loose. I wish mine was, too, so it would nit pull so when I comb it. And there’s her fingernails and her eye lashes that have to be glued on. Oh, you’ve no idea what a job it is to be pretty as Mabel is when she’s all dressed up. You ought  to see her mornings, too!

Change the subject? Why should we? I like to talk about my sistyer. Shouldn’t talk about people when they’re not here? You bet I wouldn’t dare talk aboiut her if she were here!! Here she comes now – excuse me mister. I’ve got to get going. Remember when ou eat that chocolate cake – it’s bait! And leave a littlerfor me, huh

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