John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Do you know the thrill of hearing from a long-lost friend or loved one – of hearing of his or her trials and triumphs? Have you ever had the feeling that perhaps you may be able to lend a helping hand in bringing great joy to one who has been deprived of such a blessing and in knowing that you may be instrumental in doing something for one who cannot do it for himself. Or, do you know the sheer joy of becoming, as the Savior said, “Savior’s on Mount Zion?” if you haven’t then you do not know the satisfaction and joy that comes from doing research.

We have finally got our research started in England. We have made contact with about 15 or our relatives and are corresponding with them. They seem very anxious to help but cannot do entirely without monetary help from us. These people, many of them are up in years, have a very small income and unable to do it on their own and we need the help they can give us, while they are still living. Since I have contacted them one man about 70 has passed away and one granddaughter of Mary Rowley Holt, daughter of John and Sarah Wright Rowley, nearing her 88th birthday is in a hospital and may go any time.

I have also made contact with some of the relatives, I think, of John Rowley brother of Ralph Nephi who lives here in Ohio, and who wrote us, through the ones in England, and they seem willing to cooperate.

Surely the Spirit of Elijah is with these people — our own kin with whom we’ve had no contact through the years. These are the ones who can help us cement the links in our family chain, that we may be all accounted for and worthy to go on to salvation in our Heavenly Father’s kingdom; yes, these are the ones, without whom we cannot be saved nor can they be saved without us.

It is up to us, their descendants, to see tat this work is done and wheat is a few dollars compared with the joy we will have in the hereafter with these loved ones. Let’s help out this worthy cause. Let’s add to our research fund. We should forego some of our many pleasures and receive eternal blessings by contributing to this worthy fund. We’ll never miss it and we will surely be blessed for doing so.

Ancestral Representative,
Verda Murphy

Letters are coming almost daily from England. For the very latest information be sure and be at the reunion August 8th at Provo, Utah, Northside Park at 10:00 a.m.


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