John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


The Lord has given us laws to follow, and we must accept these laws and live in obedience to them or we cannot receive the blessings. Some of His laws are: baptism, confirmation, endowment and sealing.

Why do we go to the Temples to be sealed, husbands and wives and children to parents and why are we commanded to do this work not only for ourselves, but for our ancestors as far back as we can? Because we want to belong to that great family of God which is Heaven and as far as the Church is concerned is on the earth. Without our dead we cannot be made perfect. We must see that our worthy dead receive the same privileged as we do, because there must be a family organization. This, we will be one large family and each generation must be linked to the chain that goes before in order to bring perfection in the family organization, with Adam at the head, Michael the Arch Angel presiding over His posterity. If we fail to do this work in the Temples for our dead, this genealogy chain will be broken. We will have to stand aside until this is remedied. We cannot be made perfect without all this family organization.

Baptism and Confirmation will entitle us to enter the Celestial Kingdom, the Endowment is necessary for our advancement, the sealings are required for us to receive the fullness of the Kingdom, and all these rewards and blessings are based upon the foundation of righteous and of faithful living.

Now if these things are true, we can surely see and know our purpose in research and Temple work and we can realize the great responsibility we have. If we fail to do this work in the Temples for our dead, we are depriving them and also ourselves of the glorious blessing of exaltation in the highest kingdom of our Father.


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