John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

We feel that we have somewhat of a treat for everyone in this issue. We have a copy of an old letter written to Lucy Golding Rowley, who is the wife of John Rowley, son of John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul. This letter was written to Aunt Lucy by her mother. (note the date)

Fremont, Wayne County, Utah
June 13, 1886

My dear little daughter,

I got your letter on the 11 and was glad to hear that you and all was well. We are all well at present, and I hope these few lines will find you all the same. You said you was homesick to bring me over there sooner. I could not come just now for it is busy time and lots to do, I do not no what news to rite this time, only Agusty got a girl and Helen Marfield has got another girl. The things here all look well and I have got about fifty or more little chickens and seven more hens setting, but I guess this is not news to you so that is enough on that.

Now my dear little girl, you must not think that I got to bed and not think of you. There is not a night or day but I think of you and pray for you, too, and I hope the Lord will hear and answer my prayers. For I do want to see you grow up in the Church and kingdom of God. A good and useful woman and a love of all things. Keep good company and learn good manners, and be kind to all. And learn all you can at a school and all that is good anywhere.

You say for me to come and not to wate for you. I think you could do the same when your school is out. You could come over for 2 or 3 weeks, ‘till the fruit is ready to take care of, and then go back to work. I do not no if anyone is over there or not, but if there is, you could come and if there is lots of fruit, I would go back with you and help take care of it, if grandma and grandpa was willing fore me to do that way. I wrote to Uncle Willey where he told me to, but he has not answered it yet.

I have not seen Clara since I got your letter. She lives down by Aunt Alice and you no that is a long was and we do not go down there to meeting anymore, so you see we don’t get to see each other as often as we would if we had to go to meeting. The folks is all well here, all that you no. Alan and Jane is going to school and they are learning fast and doing well there.

Well, I do not no of anything more at this time. I hope I shall see you soon either you come here or I will go there. But I can’t tell when I can come for I have got too many little children to leave that is one reason I do not like to go over there to stay more than a day or two. So you had better come if you can get a good chance and not wate for me so good night and God bless you and rite often, as you can and I will do the same.

From you loving mother,
give my love to Grandma and Grandpa and all the rest that ask for me and receive the same yourself,
Your mother

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