John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


We have the great blessing of having three people still living of the FIRST generation from James and Ralph Nephi Rowley. They are Emily Webb and Urinah Rowley Neilson, who are children of James Rowley and Mary Day; and Lorenzo Day Rowley, a son of Ralph Nephi Rowley and Mary Day.

We also have four people living who are of the second generation from Ralph Nephi Rowley and Mary Ann Thompson, and are of about the same age as the above people. They are Royal James Rowley and Eliza May Rowley, children of John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul; and Mary Ann Rowley Jones, and George Albert Rowley, children of John Thompson Rowley and Mary Jane Smith.

Also of this generation are Rosa Lyman More and Nora Lyman Stone, daughters of Zuriah Rowley and Lorenzo Snow Lyman.

I am sure we also have children of the second generation, of the Mariah Rowley and George Olom line. Your historian must ask your forgiveness in not knowing this line better. We are working hard on it now and by the next issue of the paper will know more about them.

There are also living children of Elizabeth Rowley Lyman branch. They are all dear to us and we are anxious to get all of their histories.

While these people still live with us, we wish to honor them by printing their history in the “JOHN ROWLEY & SARAH WRIGHT FAMILY MESSENDER”, Vivian R. Wade is supervising the writing of his mother’s history, Emily Rowley Wade. He is to be highly commended for the way he is handling the writing of this history, he will have it ready for printing soon.

George Albert Rowley has a history written of his life, which should be very interesting because he has lived through so many interesting experiences.

Mary Ann Rowley Jones has written the history of her life. How proud we are to print a history that has been written by ONESELF!

We will start with the histories we have all ready to print and print the others as quickly as we can get them written.

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