John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by John Van Rowley

LaNon and Ted Fowles have moved from Idaho and are now living in Bountiful. He is working for Sperry.

Ila May and Phil Crosland are back in Provo, where Phil is attending the Y. LaNon and Ila Mae are daughters of Melvin and Norma Rowley of Fillmore.

Merril and Carole Rowley have a new little girl, Jill, who was born August 12, 1959.

Darrell and Sharon Cannon also have a girl, Jeri Lyn, born August 23, 1959. Merrill and Sharon are children of John Van and Itha Rowley.

Ralph S. Rowley has been laboring in Port Pirie and Port Augusta, Australia with Richard Hunter, son of our new Apostle, Howard W. Hunter. They have had much success in their work, but Ralph was just transferred to West Perth, some 1600 miles away.

John Van and Itha Rowley had a very lovely vacation this summer, five couples that have been together for twenty-five years in a study class went on a trip together, to Galsier National Park, Waterton Park, Bannff, Lake Louise, Columbia Ice Fields and Jasper, in Canada. It was an outstanding trip together and the beauties of nature  were especially enjoyed. On the way home we attended Fast Day services at LaGrande, Oregon.

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