John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Myrtle Dearden Jennings

The son of Mr. & Mrs. Alma Jennings, Deardon A. Jennings, and LaVon Clifton were married, August 1, 1959 in the Salt Lake Temple and are now living in Ogden.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Warner and family have moved to St. Paul, Minnesota where Lloyd is studying for his Dr. Degree.

Mr. and Mrs. Garth Braithwait had a lovely baby girl bless their home in July, they named her Susan, this makes five lovely children for the Braithwaits.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Warner also had a baby girl bless their home earlier in the spring and since our last report. This makes four lovely girls and a boy for the Warners. Melvin is the son of Cecil and Fern Dearden Warner. Fern is a daughter of Elizabeth Rowley Dearden, who was the daughter of James Rowley. Mrs. Garth (Norma) Braithwait is the daughter of Angie Warner who is also a daughter of Elizabeth Rowley Dearden.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Warner (Angie) have recently moved into their new home in Orem, Utah.

The family of Thomas and Elizabeth Rowley Dearden had their family get together at Mr. and Mrs. James Dearden’s home in Garrison, Millard Co., Utah, on September 5, 1959. A good time was enjoyed by all. Thanks to those in charge.

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Wheeler and Mr. & Mrs. Carl Dearden made a trip to Orem to get their canning penc?ros, etc. while there they visited their aunt and uncle, Mr. & Mrs. Claude Warner.

Mr. Thomas Neilson of Fillmore, has passed away since our last report. Mr. Neilson is the husband of Urina Rowley Neilson. Urina is a daughter of James Rowley. We all extend our love and sympathy to this family.

Mrs. Emily Wade underwent an operation this last spring. We also hope she is coming along fine and feeling ???? better. Our best to everyone.

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