John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Vivian Wade

October 13, 1959 ?????????????? lives of Clarence J. Wade and wife Madelyn, Leo G. Wade, and wife Victoria. They took a trip to ??? by plane to see their son, Larry Wade and daughter, Glenda Lee Wade. Larry is in ??????????? of Uncle Sam and Glenda Lee works in a bank.

Clarence and Leo are sons of Emily Rowley Wade, daughter of James Rowley.

Friday, October 2, H. Owen Warner was admitted to the Fillmore Hospital for medical attention due to a heart condition. Owen is very much improvement at present.

August 16, 17, 1959, Vivian R. Wade and his wife, Emily and son Lewis, took a car to their son Reed, who is serving on a mission in Laramie, Wyoming. Reed is doing a good work.

(The following is a newspaper clipping from Vivian Wade)

October 2, 1959

Mrs. Emma Rowley was struck by a car Friday evening as she was crossing Canyon Road on First East Street.

Mrs. Billy Mundy was driving west, when Mrs. Rowley was making her way across the street at the Eldred Robinson corner.

Force of the impact threw Mrs. Rowley several feet. She was taken to the Fillmore Hospital by ambulance, where it was found she was suffering from a broken leg, facial cuts, abrasions, contusions and shock.

The accident was investigated by city policemen, Mike Hare and Gayle Rasmussen, Utah Highway Patrolman.

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Murphy, Mrs. Carol Swallow, Mr. and Mrs. Al Cline, Mrs. Fawn Poulson and Mr. Bill Rowley, all were here over the weekend to see their mother. Mrs. Murphy, (teen) is staying over thus weekend to help her sister, Mrs. Jack Brunson and takes turns with Jack and their Brother Jim, in staying with their mother.

While she is improving, she is still confined to the hospital.

(Mrs. Emma Rowley has made a wonderful recovery)

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