John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Lorin P. Rowley

On August 20, Mrs. Lillian Rowley, wife of Clyde Rowley entered L.D.S. Hospital for Hernia operation. She was released August 26, to return to her home. She got along fine and at report she was feeling good.

Doris and Delores, twin daughters of Smoot and Blanche Rowley arrived in Montana two weeks ago from Washington D.C. where they are employed by the government. They came on down to Salt Lake, arriving here October 3 and their father and mother accompanied them down here, and Leo Rowley their son arrived in Salt Lake Thursday, October 8, from Fort Bliss Texas to visit them. The girls left Salt Lake by plane, Sunday, October 11, to return to Washington D.C. Smoot and Blanche and Leo stayed and visited a few days.

Lucy Rowley Wilcox arrived from California, Tuesday, October 6, bringing a load of women up for Conference. Lucy stayed at the home of her mother to visit and on Saturday morning her son Harry and wife, Verna came down from Bynum, Montana to visit with her while she was here.

Lucy left early Tuesday morning to return home, and Harry left in the afternoon to return to Montana.

Ron Rowley was a visitor at Mother’s home on Friday, October 9.

While Smoot and family were visiting, Ralph and Beth Rowley drove over from Duchesne and visited for a day.

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