John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

We have now come to the crossroads of our research work. We will soon have used up all the research fund we have, and yet haven’t scratched the surface of the work we must do to fulfill our responsibility as descendants of these our ancestors. We have had quite a bit of English correspondence from which we have gained quite a bit of valuable information of our family. But these, our people, we are corresponding with are old people (pensioners) and don’t have enough to live on themselves, so it is important that we reimburse them for the expense they’ve gone through to get the information they have sent to us, which is considerable. We also need to find someone over there that will do further research for us.

So, I’m sure you can see how much we need your kind assistance, without which our research will come to a stop. We also realize that with the holiday season upon us, our budgets are pretty well full, but what a wonderful, thoughtful Christmas gift it would be so send even $1 in for continuance of our research. If each of us could feel the importance of just $1, it would add up to quite a sum. In sending in your contributions, please indicate for what purpose they are sent. Also send all contributions to our secretary, Mrs. Mary Bradley,

985 Eclipse Way
Salt Lake City, Utah

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