John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


At the reunion it will be reported the outcome of our recent election, so be sure you don’t miss out on this news. Again, the old State Capitol Park Grounds in Fillmore, Utah June 25, 1960. Tell all your family members who don’t take the paper.

By Luella Jones Downard

In the past few months many of our family have lost persons dear to their hearts. At a committee or executive meeting held 7 February 1960, it was decided to print a history of the lives of these dear ones as soon after their deaths as possible.

There was to be the second installments of two of these histories in this issue: Lillian Alcorn Rowley, the wife of our esteemed President, David William Rowley; and Aunt Eliza May Rowley Bennett a daughter of John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul. But due to unforeseen circumstances these will not appear in this issue but in our August number.

Clara Maude Rowley O’Toole, our historian for the Moroni Thompson Rowley branch reports that they are working on a history of Francis Irina Rowley, wife of Ralph Abram Rowley and will have it ready for one of the next issues of the “Messenger.”

We have also suffered the loss of dear Aunt Emma Chesley Rowley, wife of Uncle George Rowley a son of James Rowley and Mary Day. Members of her family have been contacted and I am sure we will have her life story soon.

Also, Amond Lorenzo Nelson died, he was the husband of one of our family news reporters, Gladys Lorinda Rowley, a daughter of Ralph Nephi Rowley and Lorinda Cecelia Jorgensen. Family members are being contacted and it is hoped we can start his history soon.

As soon as there is a death in the family, will you please notify me so that we can start a history at once!

Mrs. Luella Jones Downard
352 E. 2ns South
Price, Utah

Also all births, weddings, graduation, missionary, and etc., announcements ass a very nice interest to the family history books. Please send them to me and I will file them in the history books in your family file.

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