John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Lillian Alcorn Rowley was the first child through the marriage of Clark Alcorn and Harriet Ann Weaver, and was born January 7, 1904 in Brigham City, Utah. She was the oldest of 8 children, six brothers and one sister.

About the time of her 15th birthday her mother was found to have cancer. This was the beginning of the life that was set out for her to follow. Beginning with the constant care for her mother for the next three years, this took her away from school and her devotion was one hundred percent in the home. These three years, though trying, were preparing for the following that meant taking over her mother’s place entirely. After these three years of a personal service to her mother, caring for her cancered body, and household duties and then watching her mother pass away in her presence left her to care for the family, her father and brothers and sister.

There could not be enough written that would give the proper picture of the oncoming five years. Some events included: the problem that arose in keeping the family together, though the baby being only two years old, was adopted out. These were the years that most young girls have the greatest happiness and free agency in their lives. Though Lillian’s life was held strictly for family responsibility, her social activities and enjoyment were held to a minimum. After five years of this devoted life, she attended a church dance and a young man asked for a dance and was turned down because there had not been an introduction. This was an introduction that resulted in the marriage of her husband, David William Rowley. Possibly these were the beginning of some of the happiest years she was to live. There children soon numbered nine, though one died about four months after birth, and another being killed in Korea at a crucial moment in her life.

Their marriage began in a log cabin which consisted of two rooms and two families. This would be unusual today, but possibly was a blessing to her.

Dave being a farmer living the rugged life of a farmer in Montana. Their children, the first seven all being born in the farm house in which they lived, most of them without the assistance of a medical doctor.

This life was the type of life that was building the character of a mother. Beginning in Montana and after losing one child due to asthma and seeing the same problem developing in another, they moved to Southern California. Lillian’s husband, Dave, changed his occupation and sought other lines of support. For the betterment of the family additional moves were made and found them in Eureka, California.

At this point we should mention another important part of her life and that is her religion. If it weren’t for this what would have held her together and made her what she is today would be totally different from beginning to end. Her devotion to her mother, her devotion to her home and brothers and sister, and her undying efforts in doing what she felt was right. Though sometimes her parents were somewhat inactive they did not discourage her in her desire to attend and learn the principles of the Gospel, she developed a great determination for accomplishment. This was shown in her family, in her church work, in her Genealogical research, and undying interest in other.

As the children were married and moved away, and also sending three sons on missions, their place of residence was found here in Utah.

A few things we could say that a better understanding could be had of her would be this. Her life was hardly her own, but dedicated to the service of others!

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