John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Reported by Chester Lyman

I visited the home of Ralph Nephi Rowley, who is the son of John Thompson and Lucy M. Golding Rowley, and found Ralph sick in bed. He had overdone himself. Ralph is building a new trailer court in Duchesne. He tells me that his son Ralph R. Rowley of Baldwin Park, California have sold their home and plan to locate somewhere in Utah or Northern California. Dick was accidentally shot in the eye while hunting last fall. He had the eye removed in February at the Veteran’s Hospital in Salt Lake City and will get an artificial eye by July 1.

Stephen is still located in Mesa, Arizona and doing a very good job on his mission.

Mr. and Mrs. Cleo C. Harris are the proud parents of a baby boy born March 1, 1960. They have named him Dwayne Paul. He is the one hundredth grandson of Grandma Rowley who is 87 years young.

Keith and Barbara Rowley are the proud parents of a baby boy born on April 1, 1960 in Brigham City, Utah. Now this makes the 101st grandchild for Grandma Rowley.

It was very interesting for me to read the report by Clara Rowley O’Toole. The last time I saw the family was about 1911. I visited them in Grand Valley. I would sure love to hear from some of the family. She spoke of Mable O’Fallon and Chester Lyman being the living grandchildren of Ralph Nephi Rowley and Mary Ann Thompson. Yes, there is one more still living, Edna Smith of Corvallis, Oregon. My sister Edna has a weak heart and had to quit work. She worked for the State College at Corvallis. I am going to get her in May and have her visit us in Duchesne, then I will take her to Mable in Gunnison, Colorado for a short visit before going to her son and daughter in Chicago, Ill.

Mabel O’Fallon has spent the winter in Manhattan, Kansas and Munsee, Indiana, her son Kenneth is a Professor in the State College at Manhattan and her daughter’s husband is a Professor in the Ball University of Munsee, Ind.

I want to report that I have been made the first assistant to Ralph Rowley who is the Superintendent of the Sunday School for the Duchesne Ward. He will make a Mormon of me yet!

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