John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Lorin P. Rowley

Ralph (Dick) and wife Joaline Rowley arrived in Salt Lake February 10, and Dick entered the Veteran’s Hospital February 15, 1960 for surgery on his eye. The left eye was removed. His injury was from being shot while hunting in California. He stayed in the hospital for a week, then left for home, February 26. After Dick arrived home he got more infection in his eye and had to enter the hospital down in California. He will have to go back again May 2nd for more work on his eye. Dick lives in Baldwin Park, Cal.

Harold and Leona Rowley Spittler were Salt Lake visitors on Monday, February 15. They have moved from Rawlins, Wyoming back to Evanston, Wyoming where both are employed at the State Hospital.

Little Tracy Langton, daughter of Don and La Rue Rowley Langton was hit by a car in front of their home at noon Thursday, March 24, 1960, and has been critically ill since. She had to have emergency brain surgery and lay unconscious for two weeks. She was in the L.D.S. Hospital for 4 weeks and has now been transferred to the Primary Hospital ad now beginning to show slight improvement.

Conference visitors to Salt Lake were Lucy Rowley Wilcox from St. Helena, California; Ralph (Dick) Rowley, from Baldwin Park, California; Smoot and Blanche Rowley and son Dell from Choteau, Montana and their son Ray who is in the Army came in from Virginia.

Julie Rowley Moerker, daughter of Edwin and June Rowley came down from Seattle, Washington. She arrived March 27, 1960. Julie came down when she received word about Tracy’s accident as Julie and LaRue are sisters. She returned home April 9, 1960.

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