John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


A baby boy born March 1, 1960 to Wilber A. and Cleo Rowley Harris. His name Dwayne Paul Harris. Cleo is the daughter of Ralph and Beth Rowley of Duchesne.

A boy arrived, April 1, 1960 in Brigham City to Keith A. and Barbara Rowley. He was named Allen Shane. Another grandchild for Ralph and Beth Rowley.

Another baby boy for Fred and Pat Rowley of Great Falls, Montana born April 1, 1960. He was named Steven Kay. Fred is the son of Edwin and June Rowley.

A baby boy born April 5, 1960 to Paul and Joan Rowley at Kearns, Utah. Paul is the son of Lorin and Daisy Rowley. So far no name has been picked for him. This baby was the 103rd great-grandchildren for Lucy M. Rowley.

Judy Rowley, daughter of Lorin P. and Daisy Rowley was married, Saturday, April 16th, 1960. A reception followed at the home of her parents. Judy married Melvin Ashton of Salt Lake City.

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