John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Lillian Day Lambertson

Mrs. Otto Lambertson attended the funeral in Holden for relatives, Eldra Ann Paul. She is the daughter of William Paul, a brother to our grandmother, Jane Paul Rowley.

Mrs. Otto Lambertson spend a few days in Meadow and Fillmore visiting with a sister, Mrs. Angus Stewart.

Guy Stewart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Angus Stewart, was married on April 8, 1960 to Miss Marsha McArthur of Scipio. They will live in Salt Lake City where they are both employed.

Miss Carol Lambertson, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Otto Lambertson was married to James Clifton Snow, son of Mr. and Mrs. Moorlan E. Snow of Provo, on January 15, 1960 in the Salt Lake Temple. A lovely reception was held in the Aurora Recreation Hall the same evening. There was a lovely program and refreshments were served. The couple received many lovely and useful gift. The following week an open house was held in Provo for the young newly-weds. The couple are now living in Salt Lake City, where Clifton is employed.

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