John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Jane Rowley Stoddard

Cleo and Jay Rowley of Shelley, Idaho were the proud parents of a daughter born March 4, 1960, which they named Janice Mary. She was blessed by her Uncle Roy Stoddard April 10, 1960. Jay is the son of Royal James Rowley.

JoAnn and Glen Clifford of Shelby, Idaho were the proud parents of a son born March 5, 1960, which they named Kirt Hal. JoAnn is the daughter of Lois Rowley Steffler, and a granddaughter of Royal James Rowley.

Eldean and Neal Sequire of West Sacramento, California were proud parents of a son born, February 25, 1960. Eldean is the daughter of May Rowley Wheeler and granddaughter of Royal James Rowley.

Jane and Roy Stoddard have moved onto a Sugar Factory Farm in Shelley, Idaho. Jane is the daughter of Royal J. Rowley. Their new address is:

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stoddard
Route #1, Box 197
Shelley, Idaho

Jeannette and William Bryand had a girl born in December 1959! Jeannette is the daughter of Nellie Rowley Walker. Nellie is the daughter of Royal J. Rowley.

Nellie Rowley Walker is back in Idaho Falls, Idaho living. She moved from Gilroy, California in December.

Mary Ann Preist Rowley wife of Thomas Kay Rowley, died January 13, 1960 at Long Beach, California, from automobile accident injuries received December 14, 1959. Her funeral was held at the Grace Lutheran Church in Pocatello, Idaho. She was the mother of 2 sons and a daughter; Danny Jim, Pat Thomas, and Linda Kay. Kay is the son of Thomas Rowley and Ila John Rowley and grandson of Royal J. Rowley.

Lorenzo Nelson died 3 February 1960 at Shelley. He was the husband of Gladys Rowley Nelson. She was the daughter of Ralph Rowley. His funeral was held in the Woodville Chapel and he was buried in the Shelley Cemetery.

Harold Galloway died following a short illness on February 24, 1960. He was the son of William and Delma Galloway and a grandson of Harriot Rowley Galloway. Harold A. Galloway was 30 years old. He married Mona Beus in 1950 and they have made their home in Shelley since their marriage. He is survived by four children including: William Harold 9, Thom Blaine 7, LaDel 3, and Robert James 18 months.

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