John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger



Mr. and Mrs. Loren P. Rowley
1166 W 5 So.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Mr. and Mrs. Smoot Rowley
Bynum, Montana

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Rowley
Ravalia, Montana

Mrs. Hazel Richards
3431 Terrace View Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah

George Galloway
348 Marion St.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Mrs. Jennie Davis
682 No. 8 West
Provo, Utah

Luke Day
973 So. 5 East
Springville, Utah

Mrs. Lillian Day Lambertson
Aurora, Utah

Eva Stoddard
6311 South Side Drive
East Los Angeles, California

Gladys Nelson
Shelley (Woodville), Idaho

Verda Murphy
Rt. #2
Chinook, Montana

Emerson Rowley
1419 Santa Clara
Eureka, California

Jane Stoddard
Route #1, Box 197
Shelley, Idaho

May Wheeler
281 So. Lakeview Drive
Clearfield, Utah

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