History: David William Rowley

In August of 1946 Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) had a baby boy. They named him Donald Eugene (Donald Eugene Smith, Jr.), after his father. We were all saddened when he lived only about 17 hours. It was really hard on Grace and Don (Donald Eugene Smith)..

I (David William Rowley) went to work for the Fidel Construction Company and worked up in the San Gabriel Canyon. I worked both jobs for a while, then quit the Rubber Company.

It was while I was working on this new job that we got word that my father, Hugh Thompson Rowley, had died on 14 March 1948, I got leave from my job and I went back to Montana for the funeral, dad hadn’t been himself since he had sleeping sickness some years before. He would get disoriented even out in our backyard, and Francis (Hugh Francis Rowley) or Erma (Erma Thornton) or the children (Opal M., Miland Thornton, Noland Thornton, Lawrence and John Rowley) would have to lead him back into the house. It was a time of reunion, although a sad one. My Uncle Royal (Royal James Rowley) was there and we had a nice visit, HFrancis asked me if there was anything I wanted and I told him I would like Dad’s old watch since he bought it the year I was born.

I sold my place in Montana for a lot less than I should have had out of it, but with the money I was able to pay off the place in El Monte, California.

I was asked to help build the new chapel in El Monte. I worked on it for a while but didn’t get to help finish it because Lillian (Lillian Alcorn) and I had decided to move to a smaller community thinking it would be better for the children (David Alcorn, Douglas Alcorn, Ralph Alcorn, Clayton Alcorn, Marjorie Ann, Hugh Alcorn and Grant Alcorn Rowley). We had all lived on a farm most of our lives and there was so much congestion and crime in the city.

The Pasadena Stake called me on a short term Stake Mission after I had already put my place up for sale, I did work at it for a while, though. It was also about this time that we got word that my Grandfather, Davis Peter Davis, had died in Idaho Falls. I wasn’t able to go up to the funeral and I felt bad about that.

We had written to Lillian’s Aunt Jeannette (Margaret Jeanette Alcorn) who lived on the outskirts of Gridley, California and she wanted us to move right up there, so we decided to move to Gridley, California. One reason for moving in the first place was that I was temporarily out of work. The Fadel Construction man came for me to go back to work, but I was already loaded up to move.

To Be Continued…

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