History: David William Rowley

With the beginning of a new year, 1957, came the news that Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) had given birth to another baby girl who was born 30 December 1956. They named her Lillian Lorraine after her two grandmothers (Lillian Alcorn and Coral Lorraine Bolton). Lillian went back to Virginia to be with her after the baby was born.

Lillian had been going to the Genealogical Library and was working hard on my lines as well as her own. We both attended some genealogy classes together and we were working in the Rowley Family Organization. We had helped Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) get started printing a family paper on a ditto machine. She continued to do this for five years.

Ralph (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) had gone back to BYU and was active in the R.O.T.C. He became the student Commander of the BYU group. He met a young woman there that he thought a lot of. We liked her very much, too. Her name was Aleene Sumsion. She was from the state of Washington and after she graduated from BYU in June of 1957, she went home to work for the summer. Ralph spent some time there during the summer, also.

Ralph and Aleene decided to get married in the fall and set their date as 21 August 1957. Douglas (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) and Vonna (Vonna Ensign) had been married just 11 months before. Ralph and Aleene chose the Salt Lake Temple. Most of the family was at the ceremony and the reception that followed. Aleene taught school while Ralph finished his last year at BYU.

In the fall two more grandchildren were born. Marjorie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) added a little girl named Dwana Kay Judkins, born 26 September 1957. Vonna had her first baby, a boy, born 4 November 1957 whom they named William Douglas Rowley. They were both hale and healthy.

Clayton (Clayton Alcorn Rowley) came home from his mission in June of 1958. He had the unusual experience of being called to the California North Mission, the area we had just moved from. He had some wonderful experiences to tell us about. He had left from the Salt Lake 4th Ward and when he returned we were living in the Bountiful 3rd.

Ralph and Aleene had their first baby on 21 May 1958. It was a boy they named Kurtis Wayne Rowley. Ralph was sure glad to be the father of a son.

To Be Continued…

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