History: David William Rowley

We were worried about Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) and we knew that she could not take care of the yard work on our place in Bountiful, so on our weekly days off we would drive up there and take care of things and find out how the family was doing. These trips and the extra work was quite hard on us.

While we were living near Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley), I (David William Rowley) gave some of my extra fishing poles to her boys (David Lenn, Deon Eugene, Myron Dwain, Mark Ammon and Darrell Wayne Judkins) and I took them fishing. We did pretty good sometimes and I enjoyed having this to do with my grandsons we fished mostly in the Provo River, but sometimes I went to Deer Creek Reservoir and I used to like to watch the base swim around and around. We could watch our hooks and bait, then all of a sudden they might decide to take it, maybe come in quick, then change their mind. At Deer Creek I got some pretty nice fish. It was interesting to watch the water in the river. Sometimes it was so clear I could see the fish watching me through the water.

I had some interesting fishing trips with Lavern’s (Lavern Tidwell) new husband, Dewey Chidester. We went over to Wellington on our vacations and went out to Joe’s Valley and really caught some good trout.  Lavern would cook up a pan full with bacon strips and we would eat them and then we would catch some more. It makes my mouth water just to think of it.

On another trip we drove the pickup and Dewey pulled a trailer up to Ferron Reservoir. It was a wonderful place to fish and there was a large snow bank where Rusty loved to play. I was so surprised to see that even up in the mountains like this there were dandelions everywhere.

The mountain was steep and we went through some water on the way back, then discovered we had lost our brakes and it scared us. We topped and let them dry out then we went safely back to Wellington and home the next day. Dewey and Lavern came to see us a few times while we lived in Provo.

To Be Continued…

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