History: David William Rowley

Where we lived we could see the whole circle of mountains around Provo. That was one of the things we liked about being there. This is how I (David William Rowley) have tried to describe it. The scenery surrounding Provo was grand. The lake to the west was beautiful and especially at sundown when the sun was shining across the water reflecting the colors of the sky or looking brassy or gold. Sometimes the water was ripply and other times it was very still. I will never forget the pleasure I had in living there and seeing this and the everlasting mountains raising their solid bastions to the skies with Timpanogas lying asleep. Never to be disturbed but broken through by the canyon of the Provo River. What centuries it must have taken to make that canyon by steady, continual erosion, the beautiful sides of the mountain, changing into different robes with the seasons. In the spring there is a lovely new green of grass and brush and trees, mingled with the rocky cliffs that tower so high. It would seem impossible to climb but when nearer seen and better known are crisscrossed by pathways that are unseen from below. As the seasons go on, she changed robes again, the oak brush becomes red, the quaking aspens put in their bright yellow and then the beautiful maples scatter their gorgeous hues of color. Then with the first snows they put on their white bonnets usually lasting till spring. The sight is so grand to see and remember. When I think of the glories of the earth I hated to leave such beauty. We should not let such things become old and common because they are constantly seen.

Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) had a special feeling about these mountains, too, especially Mount Timpanogos. There is a very lovely Indian legend about it. Sometimes when she was cleaning the rooms upstairs and she needed a break she would throw open a window (you couldn’t see through these chapel windows), even in the winter, and drink in the rugged beauty and partake of the peaceful message that seemed to come from those mountains.

It became harder all the time for us to keep going up to Bountiful to take care of things so we finally decided to put the place up for sale. Since neither of us had ever liked renting we decided to buy a home in Provo. In June 1970 we sold the Bountiful home and found an apartment for Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) where there was no yard to keep up and we moved her in. We were very worried about her because it seemed to be getting harder for her to cope, but she would always put on a good front.

We began looking for a place to buy. We found one that Estella liked over in town, but changed our minds about it after we had paid some earnest money on it. The owner was an artist and that is where we got the nice oil painting we have. We finally settled on an older house out on the edge of town, on West Center Street. We found that we were in a different ward, but we still took care of the Lakeview Chapel.

To Be Continued…

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