History: David William Rowley

We were taking care of Margene (Margene Judkins) during July 1970 while the rest of the family (Marjorie Ann Rowley and Dwain Eugene, David Lenn, Deon Eugene, Dwana Kay, Myraon Dwain, Mark Ammon and Darrell Wayne Judkins) went to Montana to attend the Alcorn reunion. One day Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) thought Rusty was with me and I (David William Rowley) thought he was with her because we tried to watch him and keep him off the busy Geneva Road. Well this day we thought he was with the other one, he got out onto the road and was rolled by a car. We took him to a vet but he was in shock and didn’t even know Estella. He didn’t come out of it. He didn’t have any real injuries, but his age was against him and the Pomeranians are very high strung. That little dog had become part of our family and we missed him very much. We were soon busy with moving, however and this helped.

About this time we got word that Archie (Archie Clinton Johnson) and Verna (Verna Laroyce Anderson) finally had another baby, the son they had always wanted. Estella sure wanted to go up and see him. Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and Gail (Gail Jensen) also had another baby that year, a daughter they named Jennifer. Our family was growing.

We had only been in the house about three weeks when we got word from Geneal (Geneal Rose Johnson) that she was coming for a visit and we went up to Salt Lake to get her. We picked up Cory (Cory McKnight) so he could get to know his cousins. Geneal sat up front with me and we had a good talk on the way back. Estella stayed in the back of the pickup with her four grandchildren (Cory and Mark, Cheryl and Brett Redd) and she said she had a hard time making them realize that they could fall out. She was glad when we got back to Provo. She was sure glad to have the children and her daughter in our home. We had a good visit then Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) came down to get them and take them to her house for a while. Geneal told us later that she wanted to take the wheel going back so badly because Virginia was driving erratically. She had been a very good driver. Geneal also said that they didn’t visit very much because Virginia sat and slept in her chair. We didn’t know about these further deteriorating things until later.

Right after Geneal went home Hubert (Hubert Tidwell) called and said he couldn’t find any place to put his rocks so for Stella’s sake I said he could bring them down to our place. He did and moved in himself without an invitation. We didn’t get along even as well as we did in Bountiful. He wanted to argue with us too much, for one thing.

One time Virginia called her mother and said the doctor had said they thought the tumor was growing again and Estella was really upset. Then about a week later she called again and told us that they thought it was scar tissue. This relieved us somewhat.

To Be Continued…

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