History: David William Rowley

HUGH (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) — He had such a sweet smile and was easy to care for. He was a cute little redhead from the time of his birth. He had a very agreeable and sometimes humorous disposition. When he was just a little boy he would tell funny jokes that brought attention to himself and made people laugh. He enjoyed that very much.

Even when Grant (Grant Alcorn Rowley) was really small, Hugh enjoyed playing with him and taking care of him. We have some choice pictures of them playing together. We never had to worry about Grant when he was with Hugh. Even when they got older they loved each other so much and Hugh was so mindful of his younger brother that it was a joy to see. Grant has expressed to his lovely wife that Hugh was the one he missed and longed to be able to talk to after they lost their mother (Lillian Alcorn). He felt that Hugh was the one who could have comforted him. I know that it was very hard on Hugh to have his mother die while he was on his mission and couldn’t come home for her funeral. I am so thankful for your strength and courage to face the trials you have had. I am proud of your accomplishments and your devotion to the church. Your love for your family is very touching. Your wife says you are much like me. This makes me feel good, for I’d like to think that you and my other children had inherited some good things from me. 

I am so happy that you, as well of my other children, and their families have recognized the importance of service in The Church. When we are in the service of others we are only in the service of our God.

To Be Continued…

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