John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Dear Friends,

As your new presidency, we wish to express our appreciation of all the wonderful work that has been done in the past and ask all officers to continue their good work with essentially the same organization.

The {residency is aware of the many hours of hard work involved in the processes of establishing new contacts, in newspaper form, making records of established families and searching out new ones. We wish to make all members aware of the work and accomplishment of those in the organization that are doing these fine things for us.

Those who subscribe to the paper know of the fine work done by the staff of this paper and to some degree the work of our historian. Some of us have heard of the contacts our researcher has made with distant relatives in Great Britain, but many are possibly not aware of the effort she has made to establish these contacts. Some know of the work accomplished by our past president, David Wm. Rowley, who has been searching the records trying to go back one generation from Ralph Rowley and Amy Leese, but probably few realize the time he had spent in the endeavor, just qualifying himself for this work.

Everyone knows of the secretary and treasurer, Mary Bradley and her assistant, Elthora Moulton Underwood, but have you considered the many ledgers and records they have kept in such splendid order. Mary is also doing another fine piece of work in research of collateral lines with Angie Warner. The books they have would be the envy of any family organization and the information in them is available to all of us.

Luella Jones Downard has contributed to this considerable by sharing the contacts she makes in searching for histories, with appropriate members of the research staff.

We also want to include a word of thanks for all those who co-operated to make our reunion in Fillmore such a pleasant occasion.

Thank You,
Your Organization President,
William R. Jones

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