John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Time, like a river, rolls imperceptibly away, till it loses itself in the vast ocean of eternity. Happy they who mark its periods by deeds which shall bear record when time itself shall be no more!

Make the best of this most precious of all gifts. Use it in accomplishing righteousness. We have but little left when compared to the endless eternities. Let us not permit it to slip through our fingers, and find out only too late that it has gone and we cannot regain it.

Let us use the time we do have in helping our kindred dead receive the same wonderful blessings we have been promised, if we live worthily. Let us aid our dear family members who are giving of their time and means to accomplish these tasks. Our faithful researchers who have made contact with distant relatives in England, are busy people just as we are, yet they take the time to do this work for us. All of us do not have access to the libraries and facilities to do research and so in lieu of our precious time, let us be generous with our means. Look up the letter you received not too long ago from your organization officers and see what YOU can do to help!

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