John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Reported by Chester Lyman

Elder Stephen Rowley son of Ralph N. and Elizabeth Rowley who is laboring in the California Mission is now located at 10308 Langmuir Ave., Sunland, California, having been transferred from Mesa, Arizona a few months ago. Stephen will finish his mission next May.

Dick, the oldest son, is now living at 19302 Baseline, in Glendora, California. The doctors have finally completed, after so much pain and trouble since the accident last December. We are all happy that Dick is feeling much better.

Ralph has completed his new trailer court in Duchesne, and we wish him the best in his new adventure.

Edna Clair Smith, daughter of Ira D. Lyman and sister of your reporter, Chester Lyman, had a blood clot and was very ill. She lived in Corvallis, Oregon.

Chester and Mable Lyman O’Fallon visited her in Corvallis before she moved to her children in Chicago. While on our trip to Corvallis, my wife, Laura Cartridge Lyman, broke her leg on the 21st of May. Mrs. Lyman is getting along just fine. She has the cast off, but still uses her crutch. Laura May Lyman Finality came up from San Bernardino, California to be with her mother while she was inconvenienced with her broken leg. Laura will stay until September.

I received a letter from Edna in Chicago and she feels a lot better and she is happily located near her children. Mabel is spending her summer with her children in Gunnison, Colorado.

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