John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Reported by Lillian D. Lambertson

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Lambertson announces the arrival of two grandsons. One little fellow arrived at the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City on June 6, 1960 to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bradley. The baby has one brother and two sisters awaiting him at home. Mrs. Bradley is the former Mary Lambertson and the Rowley Organization’s former secretary.

Max and JoAnn Lambertson are proud of their new son, an adopted one. They got him on June 4, 1950 when he was only one week old. They have named him Bryan Lee. The little fellow awaits a brother or sister. Max and JoAnn expect one of their own in August.

Keith Paul Lambertsen, son of Otto and Lillian, stationed in Berlin Germany announces his engagement to Miss Irene Rocke of Berlin. The date of their marriage has not yet been set.

Lillian and Otto Lambertsen spend three days in Salt Lake, where Lillian received a medical checkup and another esophageal dilation. She reports that she is feeling much better again at present.

Mr. Delane Lambertson, who works for the Garrett Freight Lines is now driving the large semi-truck and trailer to distant places such as Denver, Los Angeles, Portland and various other places.

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