John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Emerson Rowley

Born December 18, 1959, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gerald Byrd Jr. Mrs. Violet Byrd is the former Violet Grace Rowley, daughter of Emerson A. Rowley or Eureka, California.

Emerson Adis Rowley the same as mentioned above had the pleasure of giving to this baby a blessing and the name given to the baby was Bruce Adam Byrd and he was blesses on 6 March 1960. This is kind of a coincidence as this blessing was the first to be given by Emerson Adis Rowley and it happened that Emerson received his blessing just 50 years ago to the day, March 6, 1910.

Emerson Adis Rowley, son of Hugh Thompson Rowley was ordained an Elder in the L.D.S. Church on February 28, 1960 by Warren G. Pugh, President of the Northern California Mission.

Walter Ilith Rowley, Sr. was called May 22, 1960 as District President of the Missionaries. Walter is also the son of Hugh t. Rowley.

Donna Jean Rowley, daughter of Emerson A. Rowley and her cousin, Walter I. Rowley Jr. son of Walter I. Rowley Sr. graduated from the Eureka High School in June of 1960. Donna Jean was fortunate enough to win a scholarship award and her present plans are to go to beauty school this fall and college next fall if all goes well.

Sarah Rowley and Donna Jean Rowley, wife and daughter of Emerson A. Rowley, made a trip into northern Montana and Washington to visit friends and relatives during the month of July, 1960.

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