John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Luke and Marjorie Day

Eldra Day Moulton enjoyed a short visit with daughter, Fern, and family in East Palo Alto, California.

Ernal and Elthora Moulton Underwood have just returned from an extensive trip to the northwest. Our most sincere sympathy goes to Ernal Underwood whose mother passed away in Provo, from a heart ailment in July.

LaVere and Eiko Moulton spent their vacation taking in the sights of Los Angeles, California.

William Hotchkiss entered the Veteran’s Hospital in Salt Lake for observation in May. He has been home in St. George for some time and everyone is wishing good health for him.

Clark and Darlene Day drove to Denver to visit Arthur Nicholas and May Day, Aunt and Uncle to Clark. Two year old Valynn also made the trip. Little Bradley, 15 months, stayed with his grandparents, Luke and Marjorie Day in Springville.

The latter part of June, Luke and Marjorie Day and son Ralph also went to Denver to visit. They report that Arthur and wife May are fairly well and want to be remembered to all.

Rollan T. Day was involved in an auto accident when hit by a truck some six weeks ago. Rollan received a severely bruised chest and ribs, and was unable to work for several weeks. He is back to work now, however, and feeling much better.

Gertrude, wife of Rollan had the misfortune to fall from a steel while reaching up to water some plants. She spent a few days in a Spanish Fork Hospital, being treated for a bruised back and ribs.

The Rowley Reunion, in Fillmore, saw three of Elizabeth Jane Rowley Day’s children in attendance; Lillian Lambertsen came over for Aurora, Fern Steward came from Meadow, and Luke Day arrived from Springville.

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