John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Lorin P. Rowley

A baby boy, Charles Van, born May 23, 1960 to Leslie T. Carol Ingerson Rowley. A week later on May 30, Leslie and Carol and two babies, and Carol’s mother, Mr. Ingerson were in an auto accident on Wasatch Blvd. and 39th So. Baby Charles was killed and Carol received a broken Pelvis and was hospitalized for two weeks. Mrs. Ingerson and little Penny received bruises and abrasions. Funeral services for baby Charles were held June 2, 1960 at McDougall Funeral Home, and he was buried in Wasatch Lawn Cemetery.

Evelyn, the wife of Howard T. Rowley spent a week in the L.D.S. Hospital being treated for allergies and observations.

June, wife of Edwin Rowley left Salt Lake, June 25, for Seattle, Washington to visit her daughter Julie and baby. From there she went to Great Falls, Montana to visit her son Fred and family. She arrived home, July 9, bringing Fred’s wife Pat, and two children home with her.

Harry V. and Verna Stott of Bynum, Montana got a new baby boy on June 25, 1960. Lucy Rowley Wilcox, Harry’s mother arrived in Salt Lake City, on June 27, 1960. They came by way of Fillmore, where they attended the reunion. Lucy lives in St. Helena, California.

On June 29, Lorin and Lucy Wilcox left Salt Lake to go to Bynum, Montana to visit with Harry and Verna and see the new grandson. We received word from them that they arrived home safely on July 10, 1960.

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