History: A Sketch of the Life of Alfred and Priscilla Pitt Lunt

Much sickness and many deaths occurred in this camp. Out of the wagon in which the Chappell family came, the father, mother and four children died within a month. They were not discouraged and they had no thought of turning back. They sang, “Come, Come Ye Saints. No toil, nor labor fear, but with joy wend your way”.

It was not an uncommon thing to wade streams they had to cross and even rivers where the wanted came up to their armpits. They kept going and their clothes dried on them as they went. Finally on 1 October 1864, The Warren Company reached Salt Lake City. Here, no doubt, the company broke up, some staying in Salt Lake and others scattered to different settlements of the Saints.

We do not suppose it took Alfred Lunt long to convince Priscilla Pitt that she should go to Nephi with him. Their fathers (Edward Lunt and John Martin Pitt) were friends and members of the same branch of The Church in Willenhall. And so on 9 October, Priscilla finally reached her destination in Nephi. She went to the home of Edward Lunt and with Alfred was given a hearty welcome. Although they had but two small rooms, Priscilla readily adapted herself to the new environment and soon fell in with western primitive mode of living. 

Home industry was popular in those days. Among the new trades, Priscilla had to learn, was to make tallow candles, lye, soap and to clean, card and spin wool into yarn. From the yarn cloth was woven and made into clothing, socks, mittens, caps, etc. were knit in the home. Also butter and cheese were made. 

This was a wonderful change for a young girl just out from England where everything was bought from the store as needed. They were out in the wilderness and had to make the best of the situation. It took courage, thrift, ambition, determination and resourcefulness to get along. There was a splendid spirit of cooperation and helpfulness among those early pioneers and thus by united efforts, they began to wrest from native environment happy homes and more comfortable surroundings. The social side of life was not neglected in those trying times. They met together and their parties and dances and no doubt enjoyed themselves as well then as we do now. 

To Be Continued…

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