History: A Sketch of the Life of Alfred and Priscilla Pitt Lunt

It was a strenuous and lonely life for this young wife (Priscilla Pitt), with her small children, to be alone all day at the ranch making butter and cheese, cooking and mending. There was also the danger of Indians coming while the helpless was there alone. While Alfred (Alfred Lunt) was riding in the mountains, he carried field glasses and kept a watchful eye on the home at every chance. One day while the wife and two small children, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann Lunt) and Shed (Shedrick James Lunt), were at the ranch, a big mean looking Indian came and demanded bread, flour and sugar. Although frightened, Priscilla was brave. She gave the Indian flour and bread, but as they had only a small amount of sugar, she refused to give him any. He went to the cupboard to take it, but Priscilla stood in front of the cupboard so he couldn’t open it. Seeing that the woman was helpless against his strength, he grabbed her and threw her across the room and was in the act of taking the sugar when Mrs. Lunt looked out and saw her husband, who had seen the Indian go into the house, coming toward the house at full speed. Mrs. Lunt pointed in the direction of her husband and said “Mormon”. As the Indian saw the man coming, he ran from the house, jumped on his horse and made off as fast as he could. 

Mother related another incident that happened while they were living at Four Mile Creek. One day as she was there alone, a strange man came to the place and asked a lot of questions, and after surveying the place quite thoroughly he left. When the men folks came home that night, Priscilla told them of the visit of the suspicious man and told them she was sure he would come back that night. The men folk did not take the incident seriously and did not think he would come back. Father and Mother slept in a wagon box at the side of the house. Mother was so sure that her impression would prove true, that she could not sleep that night. 

The moon came up about midnight and about this time the cows began to moo, which was a signal to Mother that the man was coming. From the wagon box, she kept a close survey of the premises, when to her horror she saw a man crawling toward the house with a large knife in his hand. The shining steel glistened in the moonlight. When she saw him she poked Father, Who was sound asleep and said, “Alf, Alf, he’s here”. It took a little time to get Father awake sufficiently to realize the situation, but when he did, he called the boys (Shedrick Lunt and James Belliston) in the wagon to get up quick and get their guns. Of course, with this alarm, the man ran to the hollow where he had a horse and escaped in the night. It was presumed that he was trying to steal their saddles. Mother was guided through life by what she called “impressions”, which she said had never failed her. 

To Be Continued…

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