History: A Sketch of the Life of Alfred and Priscilla Pitt Lunt

The land now began to be taken up, and as there was not sufficient range to take care of the number of cattle they (Alfred and Shedrick Lunt and James Belliston) were taking care of, they decided to push further into the frontier. So with about 1200 head of cattle, some theirs’ and other they were herding, in the spring of 1876, they went to Pleasant Valley, Fifty or Seventy-Five miles east of Nephi, and there spent the summer. They wintered near Price and in the summer of 1877, moved to what is known as Nine Mile, in Carbon County. They were the first white men in that locality and feed plentiful. The Indians were friendly and honest and for a number of years, the cattle business was very successful. There was no expense, except the riding that was necessary to keep the cattle from straying off. 

The Nephi men, who most heavily were interested in the cattle business in the Nine Mile County were: James Mynders, Alfred Lunt, Shed Lunt, James Belliston, Walter Brough, George Howard and Will Foote (Charles William Foote).  

Father had cattle in this district for about 18 years and at one time it was estimated that he had 2500 head. In the early 1890’s the cattle thieves became so numerous and stole the cattle in such numbers, that in 1895, a drive was made and all the cattle that could be found were sold. I (John Edgar Lunt) was just a boy of 15 at this time and helped in the gathering. As I remember we delivered 250 head of cows and calves at Colton and about 1200 head at Jensen, across the Green River. The price was $12.50 per head and anything under a year old was not counted. 

Prior to going east, Father sold his property on Four Mile and Mother (Priscilla Pitt) moved back to Nephi. While the cattle business was there, Father got his first start, he also got in the sheep business and at one time had about 3000 head. He also had a farm of about 60 acres and 34 shares of water. 

Alfred Lunt and Priscilla Pitt had one daughter and four sons as follows: Elizabeth Ann, Shadrach (Shedrick) James, George William, Alfred Oscar and John Edgar. Father was a hard working, straight forward, honest man whose word was as good as his bond. A guiding principle in the lives of Father and Mother was to live within their means and I don’t know of them getting anything until they could pay for it. I don’t know of them running in debt.

To Be Continued…

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