History: A Sketch of the Life of Alfred and Priscilla Pitt Lunt

In the earlier part of Father’s (Alfred Lunt) life, he was out with stock a great deal but the dearest spot on earth to him was home, and there is where you could find him when he was not at work. As soon as possible the little house left by Grandfather Lunt (Edward Lunt) was improved and made more comfortable. Later a new and larger one was built. In this, I (John Edgar Lunt) was born and raised. In about 1898, the old home gave way to the beautiful brick house that now stands in the property. A strange thing in the fact that Father and Mother (Priscilla Pitt) lived on the same lot nearly all their married life. Father owned the property where J. H. Lunt (John Henry Lunt) lived for about 50 years. He served as a city councilman for two terms. He participated in recognition of his service. 

Alfred Lunt was a hard working, industrious man and accumulated sufficient means to live comfortably in later life. Alf, as he was known by his friends, had to learn the hard way how to adjust his activities to his age and health. He finally closed out his livestock business and farming. His plans were to retire from work and take it easy. He found idleness was harder than working. Not knowing what to do to pass the time away, he applied for work on the railroad as a section hand. With his usual ambition, he tried to work as fast as he did when a young man, He couldn’t stand it and was unable to continue his work for several days. As soon as he felt better he returned to work, but it was a few days till he was brought home sick. It almost proved fatal and as much as he disliked it, he had to quit work. 

The song says “God moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform”. This may have been the Lord’s way of leading him to a more happy and profitable life. At this time, Mother’s desires and prayers were realized, for they moved to Manti and worked in the Temple. In this, Father found a solution to his problem. His time was fully occupied and they lived in that beautiful influence of the Temple. They were later called as ordinance workers and thus ended their lives in peace and happiness. Their last days were the best days. 

Mother was very charitable and delighted in helping the poor. One of her happy moments was when she would invite a group of elderly ladies to her home for an afternoon chat and lunch. Both Father and Mother were active in the Old Folks Committee and spent much time spreading cheer to the aged.

While Father was out providing for his family, Mother not only took good care of the family, but found time to give some public service and attend to her religious duties. She joined the Relief Society in 1870. In 1890, when the ward was divided, she was made Treasurer of The First Ward. In 1900, she was set apart as 1st Counselor to Ann Wilkey, President of The 1st Ward Relief Society. In 1902, she was chosen 2nd Counselor to Addie Cazier, President of Juab Stake Relief Society and in 1906, was made 1st Counselor to Unity Chappell, President of the Stake Relief Society. 

To Be Continued…

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