History: A Sketch of the Life of Alfred and Priscilla Pitt Lunt

In 1900, Father (Alfred Lunt) and Mother (Priscilla Pitt) went back to their native land and there gathered genealogy. In 1915, they were called as missionaries to work in the Manti Temple. 

Father was operated in for gland trouble in 1922 and after being bedridden for nearly 16 months, died of cancer. Mather died in 1930. After Father’s death, Mother went back to Manti and finished her life working in the Temple. Unlike Father, Mother was active till the day of her death. She had attended a night session in the Temple. The next morning, while getting ready to go to the Temple, was stricken suddenly and died the same afternoon. 

Thus ended the lives of two noble characters. Their lives had been rich, full and purposeful. They faced eternity without fear, but with a confidence and trust and great anticipation of the fruits of well spent lives.

The family of Alfred Lunt and Prisclla Pitt was as follows:

Elizabeth Ann married Charles Howard Grace
Shadrach (Shedrick) James married Florence McCune (Sarah Florence McCune)
George William married Rose Morgan (Rose Etta Morgan)
Alfred Oscar married Jeanette Sperry
John Edgar married Lydia Jane Kendall

-The End-

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