Pioneer Story of Priscilla Pitt

Although, but seventeen years old, she was very mature in judgement and with almost a perfect faith in the Gospel, she was put in charge of her friends family, the Chappell’s, and together she and her friend, Sarah Jane, traveled all the way to their journey’s end at Nephi, Utah. 

Think of the courage and faith it would take for one so young to leave all that was dear to her and go into an unknown country, away from everything she held so dear, the voyage across the ocean was long and tedious, rough seas tossed them about and for days the wind would take them off their course, unlike ocean travel today, then passengers had to do their own cooking. This was very difficult when the sea was rough, as all articles that were not made fast would slide, thus many times, just as a meal was prepared it would be thrown to the floor by the toss of the boat. 

Many died on the ship and were buried at sea, finally on 23 June 1864, she landed at New York and from there took a train for Nebraska. At this time the Civil War was on and many times the train was searched for spies. At one time a bridge was burned just ahead of the train and it was necessary to wait until the bridge was rebuilt before they could go on. 

-The End-

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