Spotlight: Alfred (Samuel) Harper

Paternal Great-Great-Great-Uncle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Family Search ID: KWBB-VNS
Birth Order: 2 of 7   Sex Order: 2 of 4                                                                                Alfred (Samuel) 332 + Benjamin, Jr. 330 – Charles Benjamin 67 – Grace Viola 26 – Edna Viola 8 – Nelson Earl 2 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Alfred (Samuel) Harper   RIN: 332   Sex:

Birth: 12 September 1850
Place: Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
Parents: Benjamin Harper, Jr.   Age: 24   RIN: 330
               Elizabeth Phipps Brand   Age: 27   RIN: 331
Christened: 20 October 1850   Age: 1 Month 8 Days
Place: Saint Mary’s; Haggerstone, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
LDSBp: Child
LDSCon: Child
LDSIni: Child
LDSEnd: Child
LDSS2P: 19 August 1908   Age: AD   Temple: SLAKE – Salt Lake Utah Temple   Proxy: Y
               Father’s Age: AD   Mother’s Age: AD
D: March 1851   Age: 6 Months
Place: UNK

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