History: Caroline Webb

Pearl (Eva Peal Sperry) was in the hospital, having had been operated on for appendicitis, this was the reason for their making the trip. One day Wallace (Wallace Joseph Vickers) and Father (Charles Henry Sperry) went out on the foothills to hunt rabbits. Father had walked quite a distance that day and he became dizzy. He sat on a rock to rest. The dizziness passed off and they started to hunt again. Father killed two more rabbits; cut off their ears to get the bounty paid for by the state, when he felt the dizziness coming on again. Wallace said, “Put your arm around my neck” and Wallace put his arms around Father. Father sank down to the ground and passed away without another word. (A lovely way to go but a great shock to the family). Mother (Carolina Webb) and Ruth (Ruth Sperry) lived in the old home for a few years, then Mother sold the home and has since lived among her children.

On September thirtieth, 1940, Mother went to the L.D. S. Hospital for an operation to remove a growth from her neck. She was on the operating table for one hour and fifteen minutes with only local anesthetics. The growth proved to be cancer, which was deeper-seated than the doctor had thought – the kind which wraps itself around the arteries and strangle them. It had almost reached the stage of doing that very thing. After cutting out the cancer, the doctor burned the cut ends in the hope of stopping further growth. Time will prove that. She remained in the hospital six days then returned home feeling fine. She was home just six days when she came down with pneumonia. She was taken back to the hospital again on October the twelfth 1970 where she remained for five weeks. She was in a very critical condition and was placed under an oxygen tent for many days; the cost of same was $47.50. She reacted to it favorably and began to revive which was a surprise to all of her attendants. The first time I (Emily Esther Sperry) went to see her, something whispered in my ear, “Mother will get well”. The next time I went there the same thing happened again and at this time we wouldn’t have been surprised to hear of her passing, she was so critically ill. The doctors and nurses marveled at her recovery. They all treated her grand. One nurse said she had brought a beautiful spirit into the hospital. Another nurse said she was an inspiration to her and should be to everybody.

To Be Continued…

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