History: Caroline Webb

There were many lovely flowers. Both funerals were attended by many of Mother’s (Caroline Webb) old friends. The one at the mortuary was held at 10:00 a.m. and was conducted by Bishop Snelgrove of the Lincoln Ward. Music was furnished by the mortuary. The songs sung were “The End of a Perfect Day”, “Come, Come Ye Saints”, and “Going Home”. The opening prayer was offered by Howard Allen (William Howard Allen), Stake Clerk and Maxine’s (Maxine Carter) husband. The closing prayer was offered by Willard Jensen, Ward Clerk. The principal speaker was Albert Paxman, a friend of the family, formerly of Nephi. He discussed his early acquaintance with the family and his impressions of early days – the way Mother had treated him when he came to her home – his companionship with Art Arthur David Sperry). Then he threw out the idea that we are not for from earth after death – in fact, we are part of this earth and dwelling here on earth after death. He spoke of the beautiful spirit at the funeral.

The next speaker was Mrs. N. A. Jensen, a Sunshine worker of Lincoln Ward. She often visited Mother in that capacity. A friendship grew up between them which was very beautiful. She brought the last flowers from her garden, when Mother had returned from the hospital the first time. In her remarks at the funeral, she told of her visits with Mother and how Mother’s cheerful spirit went with her on her visits to other people. She said she had loved to come into our home and feel that beautiful spirit. She spoke of Mother’s beautiful clothes on which she had put so much tatting – her own work. She felt the lovely spirit at the funeral and felt Mother was blessed to have such a large family. She ended by reading two beautiful poems which she thought expressed Mother exactly – one by her daughter, the other by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

We drove to Nephi and had the second service at 2:00 p.m. We met a lot of people in Nephi that we knew. The services were conducted by Albert Belliston. A duet was sung by Mrs. Greenwood Winn and company; and organ solo by Mrs. Judd, a solo by a Miss Bigler. The opening prayer was offered by George McCune and the closing prayer by Parley Christensen.

The main speaker was Isaac Grace. He spoke of the early history of the Sperry, Webb and Grace families – how the three families had lived side by side in the early days, for many years. That Nephi was principally the result of these three families.

He told how Grandfather Sperry (Charles Sperry) had helped to build the Tabernacle in which we were meeting…that if the building were taken down, we would probably find Grandfather’s finger prints on the adobes. He spoke of how Father (Charles Henry Sperry) had cheered people with his music and made them dance…said he was always on hand when needed.

He spoke of Art and Lon (Charles Alonzo Sperry) going on missions to foreign lands and told of meeting Della (Emma Della Sperry) in her home in Santa Monica and having dinner there…that he hadn’t seen her for many years and renewed that acquaintance in her home and what a lovely woman she is.

He spoke of Ruth (Ruth Sperry) and the great good she had done with her music and her willingness to serve the public. Then he spoke of me (Emily Esther Sperry) and how surprised he was when he saw me and saw how much I am like Mother when she was younger.

To Be Continued…

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