Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1904 (Monday) – We spent the day at Grandma Lunt’s (Priscilla Pitt), it being the day after Christmas, we celebrated on that day. From Grandpa (Alfred Lunt) and Grandma Lunt, Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) received a tie and me a silver butter knife and sugar spoon, Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) a hammer and hatchet, Lillian (Lillian Lunt) a doll and Bert (Charles Gilbert Lunt) a rattle. Their Aunt Rose Lunt (Rose Etta Morgan) gave them a mouth organ, handkerchief and mug. My folks (Charles Henry Sperry and Caroline Webb) from down in Frisco, Utah sent some things. Oscar a handkerchief, Alfred a can of whip, Lillian a dress ready made, a doll bonnet, Bert some blocks, a rattle, and  pair of shoes and sent me a handbag, collar and a Christmas card to most of us. We gave Alfred and Bert a nice rocking horse, Alfred a knife and Bert a rubber doll, Lillian a doll buddie, three rag dolls, and a little flat iron. I gave Dad (Oscar) a pair of slippers and he gave me a lovely silk shawl. We all feel like we had a jolly Christmas.

I didn’t go uptown again for two weeks, yesterday being the day. I sent Alfred and Lillian up to their Grandma’s with John Henry Lunt and I got a chance to ride up with Linton’s. In the afternoon I went up town. I first called at Sister Matheny Vickers and she gave me a blessing. How I could wish I remember all that she said, but I can only remember part of it. She said that I should go to the Temple and work for the living and the dead that I and my family should go to Jackson County, MO and should help to clean the grounds and take care of those came there, and that we should go with shouts of joy, she also said I should have the spirit of the Lord to be with me even so that I should commune with the spirit like one person talking to another and that I should prophesy of things to come and that I should be able to write and comfort many with my words, that I should be a great stay and help to my husband and my children, that my husband should love me for my purity and also those with whom I should associate, that I should have power, in the name of Jesus to rebuke evil from my house and if there was any contrary spirit in my home that it should leave, she said that I would have power to anoint my children with oil and they should get well. She said this was to be a great year in the Lord’s book for me that my faults and weaknesses were forgiven me and I must not make a blot on my record. That I must thank my Heavenly Father at night for guarding us from accident and from evil during the day and thank him I’m the morning for protection during the night.

She also said that when I left the Heavens to come to earth, angels rejoiced and shouted hosanna’s and praise for thy knew I would be faithful to the end. She said these blessings depended on my faithfulness. If I was faithful and kept His commandments and was humble and prayerful before Him, that I should receive all these blessings, and many more things she told me but I cannot remember neither can I tell it in the language she told it to me. 

I did some shopping and then went to Grandma Lunt’s. We rode down to the farm with Henry Lunt. During the holidays Jen Teasdale came down, she brought Alfred and Lillian each a little doll and some gum. She also came down another day and took them for a sleighride.

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