History: Caroline Webb

He (Isaac Grace) praised Mother (Caroline Webb) and her good work in bringing forth such a large family which had done their parents honor. He said that at Mother’s age, her passing should not be mourned as she was going to mingle with her relatives and friends who had gone before her.

Albert Belliston closed with a few comforting remarks. Being the oldest daughter, I (Emily Esther Sperry) had the privilege of drawing Mother’s veil over her face.

The pall bearers were: Edgar Lunt (John Edgar Lunt), Tuck Cole, Tom Vickers (Thomas William Vickers), David Ockey, Jude Paxton and Riley Judd. Mother was buried in the Nephi-Juab County cemetery between Father (Charles Henry Sperry) and Lon (Charles Alonzo Sperry) on January 2, 1941.

Mother’s last birthday was spent in Art (Arthur David Sperry) and Gertrude’s (Gertrude Barton) home where they held an open house. Many of her old friends and relatives called to see her and showered her with flowers and gifts. Some friends she hadn’t seen for many years came to see her. That was a very happy day for Mother and on that occasion some splendid pictures were taken.

-The End-

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